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A. Valhalla – Kounta Kulture

Valhalla – Kounta Kulture

AA. Edge Of The Universe – Kounta Kulture

Edge Of The Universe – Kounta Kulture

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Release Date: 27.05.19

Having already ignited the Stamina schedules last year thanks to his standout solo EP ‘Death Ray’/‘Undone’, and fresh off the back of an absolute fire remix of Substanced’s ‘Heart Of Time’, we’re proud to present a welcome return for Australia’s most ferocious freeform noisemaker – the one and only Kounta Kulture. With an unmistakable sound and style that’s raw, unapologetic, and downright pounding, Kounta Kulture’s Yin side offering this time also throws a healthy dose of Norse mythology into the mix, as the dancefloor is transported straight to ‘Valhalla’. Booming Viking battle drums, chanting and war cries lead the charge as Kounta Kulture sends us into conflict armed with soaring synths, acid lines and brutal basslines – plenty of freeform ammunition to do the damage with! On the Yang side ‘Edge Of The Universe’ takes the fight intergalactic, as our man down-under delivers a devastatingly psychedelic and techy drop of astronomical proportions. This is killer stuff from Kounta Kulture, who delivers another pure fire freeform offering – only for your favourite Stamina Records.