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A. Still Dreaming – Digital Commandos

Still Dreaming – Digital Commandos

AA. What The Radio Won’t Play – Digital Commandos

What The Radio Won't Play – Digital Commandos

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Release Date: 05.11.18

After such a successful debut EP earlier in the year, it was only a matter of time before the Digital Commandos revisited Stamina Records with their fully freeform-focused, unmistakable sound. Fusing euphoric nostalgia with pristine club-shattering production values is always the order of the day at Commandos HQ, and this latest 2-tracker doesn’t disappoint on either front, offering a pair of knockout tracks that embrace the Stamina Yin Yang concept to its fullest potential. Headlining the EP is ‘Still Dreaming’; a straight-up peak-time future freeform anthem influenced heavily by the post-millennial golden era of the genre, but still delivered with a razor-sharp clarity and unparalleled warmth that cuts alongside anything else freeform or beyond. On the Yang it’s a much ravier affair, as ‘What The Radio Won’t Play’ chops and changes seamlessly between underground sounds and full-on energetic party vibes. Fusing acid, breakbeats, old-skool house pianos and a big clubby hook that’ll have all hands firmly in the air, it’s the perfect accompaniment to complete another stellar EP from the Digital Commandos.