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A. Stick Together – A.B Vs Finnbarr

Stick Together – A.B Vs Finnbarr

AA. Guggle – A.B Vs Finnbarr

Guggle – A.B Vs Finnbarr

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Release Date: 21.11.16

Stick Together – A.B Vs Finnbarr

Release 036 and the concept of the Yin Yang is once again fully embraced as label boss A.B again goes head to head with newest signing Finnbarr. Delivering a release that spans the 170+ BPM genre pool, STM036 offers a dose of happy hardcore-influenced (!) music right through to the most underground sweatbox techno-inspired noise you can imagine. On the Yin side, we embrace the happiness as A.B & Finnbarr deliver a full-on male vocal tune (with Finnbarr on vocal duties!) that simultaneously resonates a Stamina Records vibe as well as nodding heftily towards the upfront sound of freeform’s not-so-distant cousin. Unafraid to push the boundaries of what defines a music style, ‘Stick Together’ is the perfect outing to showcase this production pair’s ability to keep things fresh, innovative and original in a sub-genre scene that all too often gets riddled with high-pass filter noisework and 303s. Stamina Records – keeping it truly free-of-form since way back when!

Guggle – A.B Vs Finnbarr

For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, and the concept of the Stamina Records Yin Yang is no exception. The Yang reaction to release no.36? ‘Guggle’; the most insane underground techno-inspired backroom slice of boom you’ll hear from us this year! A.B & Finnbarr hook up again to unleash all their creativity in one hit, thanks to a speaker-busting, mind-melting, bassline-twisting seriously bizarre 4-minute 56-second musical workout! Filled with odd vocal snaps, punishing drums and huge builds, the happiness of the Yin-side counterpart is evaporated twice-over by the time the first drop on this monster rips through your brain. With influence ranging from Kraftwerk through to Chris Liberator, to film scores and beyond, STM036 completes the theme of an EP that is tricky to place in a scene filled with pigeonholing.and frankly that’s the way we like it. Turn it up, enjoy, and forget about the style you’s the way that you play it that counts!

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