1. Stamina Records Samples #02: A.B (Demo 1)

Stamina Records Samples #02: A.B (Demo 1)

Detailed Contents:

* 192 x key-labelled multi-sampled synths
* 120 x key-labelled multi-sampled basses
* 20 x kick drums
* 10 x open hi-hats
* 10 x closed hi-hats
* 10 x claps
* 10 x snares
* 10 x crashes
* 10 x percussion hits
* 10 x percussion loops
* 5 x breakbeats
* 5 x drum fills
* 5 x rides
* 5 x impacts
* 5 x FX kicks
* 10 x downlifters
* 10 x uplifters
* 10 x melodic sweeps & breakdowns
* 13 x synth sequences
* 10 x stabs
* 5 x miscellaneous FX
* 15 x MIDI files

Download size: 508.3 MB

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Release Date: 18.11.16

Stamina Records Samples #02: A.B

Stamina Records proudly returns with… ‘Samples #02’! 485 WAV-quality, expertly-produced audio samples, plus 15 original and unique MIDI files brought to you by the head Stamina honcho himself, A.B! Following on from our first foray into the world of sample packs (available here), our series continues with 500MB+ content encompassing everything free-of-form hardcore. Renowned for his eclectic range of styles within the freeform genre itself, A.B has unleashed his own personal studio weapons in this pack allowing you to create any hi-tempo production you choose – from big kick rave music to uplifting trance, shranz techno to UK/Happy Hardcore – Samples #02 has got you covered! Plus with a little imagination the pack is perfect for slower underground styles too – from hard house hooverage to blistering breakbeats, and beyond.  As with our first pack everything is multi-sampled and key-labelled where necessary, allowing you to dive straight into a world of fat basslines, super-wise synthesizers, epic FX, pounding hard drums, fills, loops, original bass and lead MIDIs, screeching acid lines and so much more. All 100% royalty-free and in pristine 24-bit WAV audio direct from A.B’s studio, Stamina Records ‘Samples #02’ is the bespoke sample set you’ve been looking for to nail that next epic underground production…