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A. Soul Taker – The Rookie

Soul Taker – The Rookie

AA. Oblivion – The Rookie

Oblivion – The Rookie

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Release Date: 23.11.20

The Rookie is back, bringing the fire with him thanks to another sensational Stamina two-tracker. Having debuted his no-nonsense, underground and pure sound with us back on release ’54 (Rock & Roll / Rezerektion), the mysterious producer returns to ramp things up a few notches. Making beats since ’98 under various names means that when it comes to the ‘form, he’s anything but a rookie, and Yin-side cut ‘Soul Taker’ attests this perfectly, laying down a masterclass in how to pack a knockout track – dripping with NRG, tech and trance influences – into one concise and powerful freeform offering. With it’s big vocal hook and even bigger hands-up riff, this is one serious piece of dancefloor action. Over on the Yang side and completing this second Stamina EP, ‘Oblivion’ is a more tech rollin’ affair, but still with plenty of euphoric touches to keep the serotonin levels flowing. Featuring an absolutely fierce drop and drizzled with acid, spaced-out synths and driving grooves, there’s no room for throwaway fodder when it comes to The Rookie – seriously devastating beats ONLY, on Stamina Records.