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A. Requiem – Rhythmics


AA. What We Learn – Rhythmics Feat. Mi’A


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Release Date: 14.04.14

Requiem – Rhythmics

RHYTHMICS ON STAMINA RECORDS! One of the hottest producers rocking the USA right now and already shaking up the UK Hardcore scene, Rhythmics demonstrates his diversity by nailing *that* Stamina freeform sound in one hit EP of two massive tracks. ‘Requiem’ delivers on all levels, crossing the boundaries of freeform, hardcore, trance and more via the medium of an intensely lush soundscape alongside hard hitting beats. Beautiful pianos, bubbling arpeggios and twisty acid lines give way to a serious main synth hook that’s designed for dancefloor effect – and delivers it every time. Given the finishing touches by beautiful choir vocals and a choice vocoded vox sample, ’Requiem’ is catchy, captivating and completely perfect Stamina ‘A-side’ material.

What We Learn – Rhythmics Feat. Mi’A

Delivering diversity and insuring the Yin Yang balance is ever present, Rhythmics’ complimenting piece of audio magic is the amazing ‘What We Learn’ featuring the beautiful vocals of Mi’A. A hugely hard hitting blast of tuned bassdrums, bleeps and beeps, bass and pure drive is the dancefloor focus, but not before crisp piano perfection partnered by Mi’A’s vocal hook distract and hint towards an altogether more uplifting feel. Beyond that initial tough tribal grooving bass drop more melodic elements come cruising in, offering a perfectly balanced smash track that’ll capture the ravefloor from every angle – trust us! Two massive tunes, one massive producer – raise the roof with Rhythmics, proudly welcomed to the Stamina Records schedules!