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A. Penguin (Club Mix) – Randy Mortimer

Penguin (Club Mix) – Randy Mortimer

AA. Penguin (Pinnacle Remix) – Randy Mortimer

Penguin (Pinnacle Remix) – Randy Mortimer

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Release Date: 07.12.11

Penguin (Club Mix) – Randy Mortimer

“Who is Randy Mortimer?” is the question on everybody’s lips as the mysterious one touches down at Stamina HQ with a very Hardcore take on dance classic Penguin. Randy’s demo was delivered in the dead of night by a cloaked figure on horseback, so whilst we don’t know his identity, we do know that the chunky warm Balearic-kissed bass, knitted to *that* timeless piano line, ensure that this one rocks any rave to bits and pieces!


Penguin (Pinnacle Remix) – Randy Mortimer

DJ Pinnacle on the remix! Subsonic bass-wobbles aplenty fire through the speaker as the self-confessed bass-addict reworks Randy’s ode to Avicii like only he knows how. Some serious bassline business is the order of the day with this one as drop after drop pile up to fill the rave with the fresh new ground-shaking sound of sub-heavy Hardcore! A true Yang to the A-side’s Yin!



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