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A. M4N14C P5YCH0 – Douglas

M4N14C P5YCH0 – Douglas

AA. R For Reality – Douglas

R For Reality – Douglas

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Release Date: 10.10.16

M4N14C P5YCH0 – Douglas

Our 34th digital main label offering drops at last with bags of atmosphere, swathes of euphoria and heavy n’ hard beats, which can mean only one thing…Douglas has returned to Stamina Records! ‘M4N14C P5YCH0’ kicks things off on the ‘Yin’ side with a seriously bouncy edged groove that doesn’t lose its power or drive thanks to some clever switching up in the bassline department. Fantastically noisy Q&A sounds keep things on an underground tip before a truly beautiful breakdown of epic proportions drops in to elevate the entire track to ecstatic heights. Douglas’ trademark huge swelling pads and reverb-laden filtered synths have always sounded most at home on Stamina, and this latest offering is no exception to the rule. Embrace the euphoria as we once again cut our own trend, offering exceptional 170 BPM pure and uplifting trance goodness – only for the true free-of-form ravers!

R For Reality – Douglas

Flip things over for the ‘Yang’ offering and ‘R For Reality’ is classic Douglas through and through. Ingenious percussive work? Check! Haunting atmospheric vocal stutters? Check! Masses and masses of reverb covered super-euphoric synth lines taking the crowd to the next level? It goes without saying! As featured on Rikki Arkitech and Cyrax’s ‘One Rave’ CD mix, this Stamina Records release is heavyweight, underground and deep. When the bassline drops you already know who’s at the helm, and as the track rolls on to the breakdown, there’s absolutely no mistake to be had. Massive pads and synths, harmonies and huge riffs, all swelling up, filtering to just one conclusion – a dancefloor destroying unmistakable Douglas drop! Where other labels imitate and replicate, we innovate and originate, offering the best alternative and underground hi-tempo sounds around. This is serious hardcore for those serous about their freeform music – only for those with the you-know-what!

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