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A. I Got The Beeps – Tamerax

I Got The Beeps – Tamerax

AA. PDS – Tamerax

PDS – Tamerax

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Release Date: 07.10.19

Getting his freeform toes wet once again, and representing Stamina worldwide all the way from Canada, it’s the turn of Tamerax to headline our 51st outing. Hot on the heels of our groundbreaking Stamina Records: 50 album, Tamerax goes all in to keep the buzz alight and the freeform vibes flowing as he drops two rave-infused Yin Yang bombs. ‘I Got The Beeps’ blends breaks, bleeps, vocal chops, hip-hop beats, beeps, tempo changes, acid, trance, funky basslines and more (!), resulting in a rip-roaring rave journey that fully embraces the eclectic nature of freeform. PDS on the Yang side ramps things up into even tougher territory, breaking out a ferociously big kickdrum alongside some killer crowd-pleasing vocals and an energetic lead hook. This is fully-loaded energetic hi-tempo RAVE music from Tamerax, solely for those who’ve got the Stamina. Imitators need not apply!