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A. Havin’ It Larger – Finnbarr

Havin' It Larger – Finnbarr

AA. The Bornless One – Finnbarr

The Bornless One – Finnbarr

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Release Date: 20.06.16

Havin’ It Larger – Finnbarr

After much hype, a couple of collabs with the label bossman, and a seriously well-received production showcase mix that’s been rocking the freeform scene to its very core, Stamina Records is extremely proud to offer up the debut EP from our name to watch – Finnbarr! Embracing the concept of the Yin Yang perfectly, our purple protégé showcases what he’s capable of by ticking two opposite ends of the freeform hardcore spectrum with one hit EP. On the Yin side, ‘Havin’ It Larger’ is an incredibly clever homage to the golden days of 99’ trance. Think Gatecrasher’s heyday, the white isle, and everyone going mad for it – only at 175BPM – and you’re on the right track to embracing our latest A-side hit. Huge trance leads, pads, brilliant beats, bass and more re-create the serious euphoria of that unbeatable golden era. There is some seriously clever production work on this track, and it’s one seriously fat tune to boot! Add it to your Stamina collection, stat!

The Bornless One – Finnbarr

Flipping things over for the Yang offering and you have never ever heard anything like ‘The Bornless One’ before, trust us!  Going all out free-of-form, Finnbarr flexes his production techniques to the max and pushes the limits of the imagination with this grimy, gritty and dirty journey through sound. Intricate and techy to the maximum, and harnessing dirty DnB through to underground techno influences, this spellbinding, pure and haunting track rolls along happily hinting at something hard to come… and doesn’t disappoint. With a drop that smacks you as hard in the face as head-butting a brick wall, and with the energy levels going off the chart, this is some seriously fierce music for those who love their beats underground, imaginative and insane. A massive Yang side from our newfound 2K16 talent, and one utterly huge Stamina Records EP; add our 33rd offering to your ever-expanding purple freeform collection…