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A. Child Forever (Freeform Mix) – Tamerax

Child Forever (Freeform Mix) – Tamerax

AA. Drug User (Original Mix) – Tamerax

Drug User (Original Mix) – Tamerax

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Release Date: 10.07.17

Child Forever (Freeform Mix) – Tamerax

One release away from a Stamina landmark and as usual we continue to push up high the quality and diversity levels, this time with Tamerax delivering a super-solid EP that covers the full spectrum of underground freeform rave music! Already crushing it over in the world of hard trance, our favourite Canadian transcribes those production values to a higher tempo, resulting in the awesome ‘Child Forever’ – an absolute dancefloor slayer to head up our 39th Yin side! A super-chunky bassline churns out a wicked groove that sets the pace for some anthemic sounding, hard trance-inspired, main melody big supersaw business – powerful stuff! Coupled with bleeps, plucks, a killer sample, plus an outrageously powerful acid-laden main drop, and it’s a dead cert the freeform cut of this club monster will stay lingering on your USB for gigs and gigs to come. Another absolute Stamina Records banger to add to that collection of top purple tunes!

Drug User (Original Mix) – Tamerax

Flipside to Yang territory and it’s all aboard the rave train as Tamerax revisits his big kick freeform sound, but cranks it up to 11 (!) thanks to one of the meatiest bass drums we’ve heard in a while! Firmly paying homage to the classic big kick rave sounds of Bonkerz and beyond, ‘Drug User’ is an absolute relentless beast of a track that is only for the headstrong freeform fans that can handle the heaviness! Picture manic pitch-bent synths and firing lazerbeam noises, peppered with a ridiculous amount of acid, and you’re about halfway to understanding this chaotic slice of brutal big drum rave action. Only a brief break in the madness allows time to squeeze in some melodic elements before the craziness continues with a pure party dancefloor-designed drop that’ll send the real HARDcore crew into an absolute frenzy. Totally tough underground music…only from Stamina Records.

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