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A. Boys Will Be – Douglas


AA. Social Injustice – Douglas


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Release Date: 27.07.15

Boys Will Be – Douglas

Douglas will be Douglas and Stamina’s 28th release marks the man himself taking his unmistakeable sounds and musical trademarks to the next level with ‘Boys Will Be’.  Crafting his own style has always been the essence of what makes these tracks so standout and this latest offering doesn’t fall short of the mark in terms of originality and pure Douglas character. Imagine massive main room sounds coupled with some of the beefiest beats going, all soaked in a truly immersive and spectacular atmosphere, and you’re halfway there to unleashing the true driving power of this latest track. This is innovative and original freeform music good enough only to join the quality-controlled Stamina Records schedules.

Social Injustice – Douglas

Penning the perfect accompaniment to complete Stamina Records 28th double main label offering is Douglas’ ‘Social Injustice’; think techy looped effects and true beautiful musicality blitzed together and you’ve got the makings of another fantastic Stamina cut. With enough drive alongside pure hands-in-the air euphoria, our catalogue once again becomes eclectic enough to cover all 170BPM bases by colliding the worlds of underground freeform and upfront hardcore. Perfect for those huge soundstages thanks to Douglas’ pristine production, or gritty enough to satisfy a sweatbox, every party needs a little bit of purple-power injected. Make sure you oblige with another killer Stamina release!