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A. Arkesus (Original Mix) – A.B Vs Ales & Dani Delirio

Arkesus (Original Mix) – A.B Vs Ales & Dani Delirio

AA. Arkesus (Random But Raw Remix) – A.B Vs Ales & Dani Delirio

Arkesus (Random But Raw Remix) – A.B Vs Ales & Dani Delirio

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Release Date: 03.12.18

Two countries, three freeform heroes, and a powerhouse producer from another genre are the ingredients for our 48th release, which sees two of Spain’s best travel to Stamina towers in the UK for a cross-continental combo that oozes euphoria. Fresh off the back of launching their own Skeny Tracks imprint, Ales & Dani Delirio are the international guests who have paired with label boss A.B to create a timeless Yin-side track. A smorgasbord of styles, ‘Arkesus’ twists and turns through a variety of grooves and flavours, before settling into full-on, hands-in-the-air, trancey euphoric anthem territory. Infectious, groovy and driving, this is an international combination not to be missed. Pairing a Yang to such a Yin required a very special remix indeed, and so we are proud to welcome Random But Raw to the label, who offers a totally unique rework that effortlessly spans the realms of hard NRG, hardhouse, and freeform, with a bit of trance in-between! A certified legend within his own native genres, RBR ramps up the tempo especially for Stamina to offer a remix that’s quirky, unique, daring and totally free-of-form. Inspiring & groundbreaking music for our 48th main label offering.