Out Now – Our Super Secret Follow Up Transcend Album – ‘Digital Realm’!

We love surprises and we know you do too, which is why Boxing Day saw us drop a belated Xmas present in the form of a super-secret digital follow-up album to Transcend’s ‘Physical Manifestation’.

Picking up where ‘Physical Manifestation’ left off, and completing the collection in style, ‘Digital Realm’ features no less than 15 beautiful masterpieces of freeform, alongside two concluding ‘interludes’ (completing interludes 1 & 2 from the sellout Synaesthesia album), all packaged up neatly on WAV or MP3.

The surprises however don’t stop there, as if you are currently a ‘Physical Manifestation’ owner, you can pick up this brand new collection for a jaw-dropping super-low price. You’ll need to be logged in to see it, and believe it, for yourself. And if you don’t own ‘Physical Manifestation’ already? Simply add it to your cart alongside ‘Digital Realm’, and we’ll do the rest.

Order ‘Digital Realm’ here.

Grab ‘Physical Manifestation’ here.


STMLP013 Packshot

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