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Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume One]

2CDs | 22 Unmixed Tracks



1. This/Carburettor (Joey Riot Mashup) – A.B

2. September Sky (Kevin Energy Remix) – Kryptalin

3. Heartache To Heartache – Rik Arkitech

4. GTFO – Douglas & Transcend

5. Pure Thrust – jD-KiD & Shok Gz

6. Dutch Crouton – A.B Vs Vinyljustice

7. The New World – Transcend

8. Luminance – A.B Vs Christian J

9. Grawlix (Kounta Kulture Remix) – Douglas

10. 9 Bit Machine – SynthWulf

11. Crazy Light – Lost Soul Feat. Vicious Precious



1. Artificial (Gammer Remix) – Transcend

2. Gravity Wave – CLSM

3. Ice Cream’ (Greg Peaks’ XXTC Remix) – Douglas

4. Exile – Andy Dee

5. Let Go – A.B Vs Bungal

6. Unite – Amplitude

7. Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (2015 Remaster) – S3RL & SynthWulf

8. Lowcy Pilek – Ales

9. Juggernaut – Substanced

10. Turn It Up – Mooney & Ollie-S Feat. Kimberley Vs A.B

11. The End Of FM – Douglas



Release Date: 09.03.15

Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume One]

Fresh from collaborating with a fellow freeform brand for the successful ‘Strength In Numbers’ compilation, it’s time for us to go it alone. Representing Stamina’s first solo foray into unmixed album territory, expect nothing less than the highest quality underground audio ready to assault the senses. Two CDs, one leading freeform hardcore label; Stamina Records proudly presents… ‘Who’s Got The Stamina?!’ [Volume One].

Fully embracing the underlying ethos of the label and uniting all factions of freeform and hardcore as one, ‘Who’s Got The Stamina?!’ sews together 22 diverse and original unmixed tracks that symbolise all corners of the scene. Featuring key hardcore players like Gammer, to undisputed kings of the underground such as Kevin Energy, and with genre-busting material in-between courtesy of Joey Riot, jD-KiD, Lost Soul, CLSM, S3RL, A.B, Douglas and many more, this is an essential snapshot of freeform hardcore through the quality-controlled lens of Stamina Records.

Exuding the underlying concept of the label’s Yin Yang philosophy, this indispensable compilation is the chance to fly the flag for YOUR sound. Crank it up, play it loud, and with our first volume prove, unquestionably, ‘Who’s Got The Stamina?!’