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A. Difference (Original Mix) – Technikore & Cyrax

Difference (Original Mix) – Technikore & Cyrax

AA. Difference (DJ Ned [CLSM] Remix) – Technikore & Cyrax

Difference (DJ Ned [CLSM] Remix) – Technikore & Cyrax

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Release Date: 09.12.13

Difference (Original Mix) – Technikore & Cyrax

When a super-talent such as Technikore makes his first foray into the world of freeform, teaming up with fast-rising new artist Cyrax in the process, there was only ever going to be one label to release the results! Proud to simultaneously welcome both up-and-coming and established stars to the imprint, Stamina Records’ 20th offering sounds as good as the brand new artwork that accompanies the release looks. Cramming in rising pitched acid squeals n’ laser-gun sounds, sick savage DnB, raw energized rampaging rave parts and an unforgettable lead hook, ‘Difference’ (Original Mix) is a testament to both Technikore’s ability to conquer new sub-genres and Cyrax’s promising future career. You heard it here first, only on Stamina….


Difference (DJ Ned [CLSM] Remix) – Technikore & Cyrax

With such a fiercely original track composing the ‘Yin’ side of Stamina Records 20th outing, finding a suitable remix artist to complete the ‘Yang’ side was never going to be an easy task! Enter therefore CLSM’s most mysterious member – DJ Ned – who fresh from already rocking the Stamina schedules with the undeniable underground anthem ‘Hold On’, offers a completely unique musical rework via ‘Difference’ (DJ Ned [CLSM] Remix). Transforming Technikore & Cyrax’s rollercoaster tune into an even more intense affair, Ned flexes his creative muscles with a dominating toned bass drum and powerful driving synths, only dipping back to the original’s euphoric riff for climatic results. Distinct, delicious and different from the original cut, Ned’s remix is the perfect accompaniment to complete this killer Stamina release.




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